Diet & Health Foods

From low calorie sweeteners to nutrition bars , our great selection has something for the health conscious.

Nature Valley

Nature Valley bars come straight from nature. Sun-dried raisins. Crunchy peanuts. Sweet cranberries. Wholesome almonds and oats. And an occasional dash of rich dark chocolate. Take them on the trail, put them in your pack, stock a drawer at work – no matter where you are, Nature Valley bars keep you going for all of life’s adventures.

Be Natural

Be Natural is a brand of Health Bars that believes in introducing people to new fruits, healthy grains and fancy combinations of these. Reminding us of what amazing things Mother Earth produces. It is their passionate belief that the closer we are to nature, the better. Their motto is that everyone deserves a little more of the good stuff.

Lo Salt

LoSalt is the UK's leading low sodium salt alternative. It contains 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts but has all the same salty flavour. LoSalt is also a good source of natural potassium, a mineral vital for basic body function.

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