Whether you're looking for a nice stimulating cup of coffee or a refreshing cup of tea or just restocking the beverage supplies for your family.  Our truly varied collection of juices, tea, coffee and beverages offers products for every taste, on brand names you trust. 

3 Horses

3 Horses was founded in 1628 in Breda, The Netherlands. The original name of the brewery, "De Drij Hoefijsers" was derived from the neighboring blacksmith's house, where horsemen drank beverages while waiting for their horses to be shoed. Outside the forge a sign was hung, portraying three horse­shoes, being the sign for a blacksmith in those times.

3 Horses malt beverages are enjoyed in over 50 countries worldwide, and available in a variety of non-alcoholic flavors.


Dewlands is a popular South African fruit juice which has a variety of exotic Tropical flavours.

The Juices are 100% Blended fruit juices, which imparts the taste and mouth  feel of the real fruit.Dewlands is a range of 100% fruit juices made from concentrates, purees and other natural fruit ingredients. This product contains no added sugar, or preservatives. This unique range offers a consistent high quality.


Atlas Energy Drink is a functional beverage produced by the United Dutch Breweries with a unique combination of ingredients. It has been specially developed for times of increased mental and physical exertion. Atlas Energy Drink vitalizes body and mind.

Atlas Energy Drink
- improves performance
- increases concentration and reaction speed
- improves vigilance
- stimulates metabolism

Atlas Energy drink effects are appreciated throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, active students and drivers on long journeys.

Natco Rose Syrup

Rose Syrup can be used with ice cream or kulfi as a dessert topping or to flavour milk shakes. Mix with milk for a traditional Asian "milk rose" drink or with sparkling water and lots of crushed ice. Pour over ice cream or add to sweets and puddings.
 In the Middle East this syrup is diluted with fizzy water and lots of ice to create a refreshing drink. It can also be used to flavour many drinks with the deliciously romantic flavour and aroma of roses. Try a romantic Rose Royale for Valentine’s Day by adding a shot to a glass of dry champagne!


Developed after undergoing extensive research, Leone tea is the fastest growing brand of Tea in the GCC. The Tea bags are a careful selection of Indian, Sri Lankan & Kenyan blend.
Packed in the U.K. under strict supervision, Leone Tea Bags are available in packs of 50's & 100's The loose tea is a pure blend from India and has quickly become one of the fastest growing brands in the loose tea category.
Available in various sizes, the reusable jar packages are a hot favorite among families. The Leone tea is thoroughly tested by professional tea tasters to ensure that the quality and blend is always on an ever-improving path.


Klassno is a premium range of Instant Coffee from Singapore.It features instant coffee mixes and ready to drink coffee. Made from the finest beans  and blends possible, Klassno instant coffee is the flagship of this brand and it possess the same great taste as any regular coffee, only it is less complicated to make.
 What is more, it’s a wonderful drink to have on any occasion, and has a richness and fresh aroma that cannot be compared.

Hintz Coffee

Carefully selected coffee beans from the most important growing areas are the basis for Hintz range of instant coffees. Hintz instant coffee is available in; spray dried and freeze dried variants.
Hintz Cappuccino, the great Italian coffee drink is now available in 4 varieties: Classico, Amaretto, Venezia and Caramel .Hintz Cappuccino makes your day.

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