Cleansing & Disposables

Everything that you need for a clean home that's spotless, shining and sparkling or disposables for a quick party. Choose from our range of sanitizers, cleaning solutions, paper-plates & napkins.


Teepol is an internationally recognized and respected name in the dishwashing liquid and general detergent category. Teepol offers a wide range of home care solutions like Disinfectants, Antiseptics,Multipurpose Cleaners, Dish wash Liquid,Hand Wash.


Samar - A trusted brand for every household in the Arab world. Having emerged as a value brand since early 1990's, Samar has gained enormous strength & popularity within the FMCG category. 
Backed by its excellent sourcing of products & a highly experienced manufacturing, quality control, Samar caters to the retail as well as institutional clients within the GCC region. Samar covers a wide range of products such as: Paper products, Disinfectants, Garbage bags,Disposables & Cleaning items.

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