Ethnic Foods

Exotic ethnic foods from the Far East helps us to provide sweet memories to the East Asian expatriate population.


For over 40years UFCs Sauces, Noodles and Condiments have bee helping Filipino families help create great tasting meals every where in the world.The range of products include, Banana Sauce, Datu Puti Vinegar, Cane Vinegar, Rice noodles,to name a few


World famous traditional snack from India  - Bhujia, Namkeen, Sweets and other treats, that have titillated many a royal palate. To always give you "Parampara ka swaad khara" (the true taste of culture), all the raw materials from grains, flour, oils, dry fruits, dals (Pulses) and masalas (Spices) are selected and purchased only from the best. Untouched by human hand, all Bikaji snacks are made on fully automated, state of art machines and packaged in a clinically hygienic environment

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