Jam Spreads & Honey

There is nothing like a  breakfast with a rich selection of fruit spreads, marmalade and honey to add to toast, bagels, pancakes or waffles. Our selection of jams and honey are also a delicious addition to any baking recipe whether mixed into icing or used as a cake filler. 


Add flavor to your breakfasts, snacks and desserts with our wide selection of preserves and jams.

Little Bee

Little Bee offers a yummy selection of all natural honey products. from India. It's the largest producer and exporter of natural honey from India.

Hintz Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Start each day with the great nutty taste of Hintz chocolate-hazelnut spread, available in two varieties- Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and Twin Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Although it tastes, smells, and looks like chocolate it does not solidify.
Chocolate spread is a chocolate- hazelnut flavoured paste which is eaten mostly spread on breads and toasts.Chocolate spread is a product often favored by children and serves as a prevalent spread on their sandwiches. Adults also enjoy chocolate spread sandwiches as a comfort food.
HINTZ Chocolate Hazelnut  Spread  offers the natural taste of hazelnuts in a creamy smooth chocolate spread; delicious when served on bread, cakes, desserts ...

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