Instant Foods

For those who lack the time to go about cooking with the hustle and bustle of daily life, Ready-to-eat foods present great options so that you can enjoy your meal instantly. Choose from a delectable selection of authentic Indian recipes from our brands.


Let’s introduce you to the cuisines of India enhanced by the legacy of India’s diverse cultures, languages and people.
Gits offers you the world's widest range of Indian flavours and delicacies fascinating in their diversity. The unparalleled tastes of Indian food are imparted by spices and seasonings unique only to India.
These vary from aromatic "curry leaves" to the exotic nutmeg.

Mother's Recipe

Mothers Recipe brings to you a range of exotic Ready to Eat North Indian foods like-Sarson Ka Saag,Punjabi Chat Pate Chole,Pav Bhaji,Dal Makhani,Patra Curried and much more.

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