Cooking Oil & Ghee

Oils and ghee command an important place in the diverse culinary practices and are invariably used in every household. Choose from our extensive brands of edible oils and ghee. Should you prefer a more healthy choice of oil for your salads and other delicacies, do not miss out on the olive oil and Canola Oil.


Sunflower oil  from United Foods UAE.Pure Sunflower Oil. Twice purified. No cholesterol. Light and contains Vitamins A, D & E.


Mumtaz is a brand of vegetable oil abd vegetable ghee from United Foods UAE.


This outstanding extra-virgin Olive Oil from Italy is a blend of carefully selected oils from olive varieties that have been harvested and crushed with great care, for optimum flavour and quality. Its genuine flavour, its delicate aftertaste, its harmony and its full-bodied character make it the ideal condiment for raw foods, as well as for soups and simple wholesome meals.

Aseel Canola Oil

United foods provides you the best solution for healthy cooking in the form of Aseel Canola oil.Aseel Canola oil comes in two packsizes-750ml & 1.8litre.
Canola oil, which is made from the crushed seeds of the canola plant, is among the healthiest of cooking oils. It has the lowest saturated fat content of any commonly consumed oil - just 7%. By comparison, sunflower oil has 12% saturated fat, corn oil has 13%, and olive oil has 15%.
Although it's low in saturated fat, canola oil is very high in healthy unsaturated fats. It's an excellent source of the Omega-6 fatty acid, linolenic acid, and it is higher in the omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) than any other commonly used oil. These fats are particularly important in the diet because the human body can't produce them.
Studies show that alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA, may help protect the heart by its effect on blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation. 

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